Mark It Well

Remember  today  those  who  have MARKED THE WAY for you. Thank them, praise them, love them. You must realize that these friends  and  loved ones  are not aware just  how much they have meant to you. They can not even begin to fathom the effect they have  had on  your  life. I beg you right now;  not for their sake but for your own; remember what they mean to you. MARK IT WELL.
One day you will carry the torch that they now carry.  Others will follow in the glow of  that light.  Those little ones will need you to be faithful.  But there will be days when you will wonder if what you are doing really maters.  You will ask,  "Is there any use? Why go on? What difference does it make?" It must be then;  when you need a reason to keep going ,  that the memory of those who have marked the way for you  will help  you to  keep loving,  giving,  sharing,   and  going.  Though you may never know, there is sombody who will be needing you.  One day they will stand and tell others of one who  MARKED  THE WAY.
Please while it is called today, remember and MARK IT WELL. You will need this memory someday. If those that held the light for you did not quit, DON'T YOU QUIT!