Pastor Johnny Edman
     Our pastor was born in the great state of West Virginia. He was born to a preacher and wonderful mother. At the age of four the Lord Jesus Christ saved him, and at the age of nine, our pastor was called of the Lord to preach. The Lord moved the Edman family around several times, but they finally resided in Virginia. Here, he met his wife and mother of their children. They were married in January of 1998. In October 1998, they moved here to Spring Grove,Pennsylvania, as youth pastor and school administrator, In 2000, he went off to Bible college with the intent of completing a two- year study. While at college, the Lord blessed them with a baby girl. At the end of the first school year, our pastor called and asked him to return. He returned to our church and resumed his previous roles. After returning, the Lord blessed them with a son. In December of 2009, Pastor Johnny Edman became our pastor.